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  • Neighbours Cory Tower is Willing to Lend a Helping Hand
  • May 08,2013
  •           The eschalon is native land, and army, must seize the territory. Humans can hide into the north Great Wall,as a barrier against foreign enemy. However from Flame Legion,shaman mastered the powerful magic. With kettle of the holocaust as well as the Titan,shaman, Joe smoke skin released later referred to as the burning fire disaster disaster. Crystal sky burning with fire, burning all around. This spell power comparable to natural disasters; It even changed the land itself, formed many craters on the surface, and the crack. It also let river flowing in the tar and lava. Countless people were killed in the disaster.
    In the capital of ascalon for,members of the royal family tried to Buy Guild Wars 2 Items. For the whereabouts of the war, however, people's attitudes are very different. King Ed byrne believes that people should focus on reconstruction of city; And his son, rick lu but intense opposition, he insisted that man should fight back, and offensive and take the initiative.
               In spite of his father's wishes, rick lu to lead a team to the north of the Great Wall ruins. There, they have seen countless zar, occupying the territory of human beings. Rick lu know that the wall will soon collapse; And ordered the army retreated. Before withdrawal, however, rick lu in a rescue operation accidentally received an artifact: the legendary battle, shout wind whistle mouth part.He plans to wind restorable, rick lu is convinced that this artifact is the only key to save the people. And his task will eventually succeed.
               With call wind complete assembly, rick returns to capital, but when he arrived, the Guild Wars 2 Items is a fire in the city. Won, army; They are arson destroyed by. So prince lu rick released the call of the wind. With long horn, the clouds in the sky. Soon, a gentle rain from the sky. The city fire was quickly put out, the surviving citizens also escaped from the check's clutches.
              For many city break, the eschalon people faced with difficult choices. Neighbours cory tower is willing to lend a helping hand; They agreed to let the eschalon refugees entering, and provide military aid. Rick lu prince was satisfied with the proposal; He knew that, strength, and without reinforcements similarly hereinafter, army is how desperate. Unfortunately, guilds guild wars destroyed the most basic of trust between the human kingdom. Ed byrne, the king refused to accept aid. He banned the eschalon people leave the border. In the end, the prince when rick lu strongly opposed to this command, the king ordered the banished his.Now, nothing can stop, again into the road,, the legion began to norbert and rita.

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